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Bath & Wet Rooms


Sovereign Plumbing & Heating provide specialist Bathroom design & integration, CAD Image files, technical information, Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) & Environmental compliance advice.

We provide practical interpretations of our designs offering our clients’ confidence in our product specifications, enabling us to create exiting spaces within your home.

Disability Mobility products are designed and manufactured to aid disabled and elderly people in their day to day routines that many of us don’t even have to question. Imagine waking up everyday worrying about how you are going to get to and, from the bathroom safely and, how you are going to manage using the bath, toilet or shower? For many people who are less able, this is an ongoing problem and even for carers who look after elderly or disabled people, bathing and showering can be extremely difficult. Our disabled product range covers a whole area of products that are used in domestic homes and commercial and public places.

Domestic Household

For the domestic house hold, we sell a wide range of products which include many different types of grab rails in different colours for people whom have visual impairments. See our anti scald products which will prevent burns when using the hot water. Also take a look at our mobility bathing section which shows you a wide range of different bathing options all from many different manufacturers.

Commercial / Public Places

According to the current Building Regulations, not just Document M, there are certain regulations which have to be obtained in the workplace with disabled and mobility products. Document M Packs cover the requirements that need to be put into place.


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